Re: [greenstone-users] joint indexes with mgpp

From jens wille
DateMon, 10 May 2004 08:57:32 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] joint indexes with mgpp
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hi katherine,

Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi jens
> If you tell me exactly what you want to achieve (eg what metadata you
> have and what indexes you want across it), I can give you some pointers
> to how to achieve it.
> If you only want to combine fields in one index, why don't you use mg?
thank you very much for that offer, but i think you already showed
me what to do. i need mgpp especially for combined searching.
so i either modify the source of (i hope that is the
right place) or adjust my metadata. where the latter is some kind of
inflexible, so i prefer the former (i just don't know if i get it
done ;-).

anyway, i will try to explain what i need it for:
eg i got categories "1. author", "2. author", "3. author" with the
metadata named "catnr005", "catnr010", "catnr015" respectively. now
i want to create a single index comprising these three categories.
this would also be possible by providing a single metadata name, but
it prevents me from having both a joint "person" index as well as
those single indexes - it's just too restrictive :-(.

but i will have a look at the perl code and see what i can do - it's
a good opportunity to learn some perl ;-)

so thanks a lot for your help