Re: [greenstone-users] display or e-mail of recently added item

From jens wille
DateSun, 06 Feb 2005 20:41:19 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] display or e-mail of recently added item
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hi birgit!

Birgit Kellner wrote:
> I'd like to sort on the date when the item was added. Shouldn't I
> write "-sort lastmodified" then?
when using AZCompactList "-sort" refers to the sorting of items that
have the same metadata value (here: lastmodified) (thus sorting by
lastmodified actually doesn't have any effect); whereas the dates
themselves are sorted by their value, which is lastmodified.

> In addition, the list should be sorted descending, with the most
> recent date on top. I guess a look at the manual would tell me
> how to control the number of items shown on the list, but if you
> can answer that faster, I'd be much obliged :-)
afaik, there is no option for reverse sorting.

> The really puzzling thing is: For some reason I get lots of empty
> records shown on the "last modified" list, with no file links;
> ranging from about two to 20 empty records in between full ones
> ...
i have no idea where those come from :-(
is your collection accessible on the internet?

apart from that, i don't think AZCompactList is what you're looking
for: even if it works (without the "empty" records ;-) you get
single entries for _every_ date (dd-mm-yyyy); while you more likely
want an hierarchical access (year -> month -> day), don't you?

i tried to modify the DateList classifier to do exactly this, but
i'm afraid there's more to it than just giving $date an appropriate
value ("yyyymmdd" instead of seconds since the epoch). this just
doesn't work when displaying the resulting DateList - probably there
are yet more components involved (which ones?).

i'm sorry i couldn't help you...

best regards & good luck with solving your problem