Re: [greenstone-users] the trouble with DateList

From jens wille
DateWed, 16 Feb 2005 13:12:47 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] the trouble with DateList
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hi katherine!

Katherine Don wrote:
> Thanks for all the info. DateList is a special classifier, and
> works well for what its designed to do, but tends to go very
> wrong if its used for something slightly different :-(
too bad :-|

> We'll add the problems that you have noted below to our TODO
> list, and hopefully will be able to fix some of them.
that's fine, thank you! unfortunately, i'm unable to do some of this
myself :-(

> BTW, a reverse_sort option has been added to DateList and will be
> available in the next release.
well, this (reverse @classlist) will reverse the _whole_ list, won't


1. 20050215Title A
2. 20050215Title B
3. 20050216Title C

yields 3 2 1, while imho ought to give 3 1 2 (at least that's what i
would expect from such an option: descending by date (newest first),
yet still ascending by sortmeta) - please correct me if i'm wrong...

best regards