Re: [greenstone-devel]

From jens wille
DateSun, 14 Aug 2005 19:59:51 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel]
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i don't mean to bother anyone, i just wanted to let you know that
the script will be available from the following url:


if anybody is interested in it just refer to this link (or mail me
personally). it's the fun that makes me writing/improving it, so i
might modify it from time to time :-)
(the most recent addition is a "reverse" search - @rajam: it's been
altered since i sent it to you)

at first it was just a "quick hack", but then i realized that it
could really be useful to somebody having to dig into greenstone
macros or just being curious - that's why i'm "advertising" it yet
another (final) time ;-)