Re: [greenstone-users] Displaying multiple metadata values individually?

From jens wille
DateWed, 17 Aug 2005 17:11:04 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Displaying multiple metadata values individually?
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hi chaitra & all!

Chaitra Rao wrote:
> After I built the collection, I can see the long url but no
> hyperlink, which I guess the javascript is supposed to generate.
which browser are you using? i had the same problem with mozilla and
rewrote the javascript to work in mozilla - but now it doesn't work
in opera (don't know how about msie).

in axel's script it's caused by the outerHTML property that is not
supported by mozilla (according to [1]). in my script it must be
something else :-(

[1] <> (scroll down to

besides, i like to consider this javascript solution an undesirable
hack - it'd be much better to use the [sibling:...] syntax or
something like that, i just don't know how.

this, however, made me switch to providing specially formatted
metadata instead:

<Metadata name="foo" mode="accumulate">something</Metadata>
<Metadata name="bar" mode="accumulate">anything</Metadata>
<Metadata name="foobar"

with the macro _myhref_ being: {<a href="_1_">_2_</a>}
(so it can be altered later)

now i can print the hyperlinked metadata: [sibling(All:'<br>'):foobar]

but this is nothing else than just another hack, and only applicable
if you create/postprocess your metadata through some script.
(note also that [foo] and [bar] must not contain commas!)

to sum things up: i think this problem is only to be satisfactorily
solved by tackling the c++ code. so if anybody dares to... it would
be gratefully appreciated (at least by me ;-).