Re: [greenstone-users] highlighting messes up macros

From jens wille
DateTue, 04 Oct 2005 01:16:56 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] highlighting messes up macros
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hi katherine,

thanks for your reply!

Katherine Don wrote, on 04.10.2005 00:18:
> If you could give a bit more info, that would be great. e.g where
> the macro is defined ( or standard macro file?), how its
> called (from another macro, inside metadata displayed by which
> format statment...)
oh, sure - i'm sorry... we go: yes, i got a custom macro, defined in a collection
specific [1]. and metadata values that use this macro [2],
and are then displayed by the "format DocumentText" statement [3].

[1] <>
[2] <>
("enriched" html's and metadata.xml)
[3] <>

the problem now seems to be that something that has to do with
highlighting "disturbs" the first macro argument _before_ the macro
is resolved so that it appears to displayclass::expandstring (?) as
if it had only one (corrupted) argument.

meanwhile i suspect it to happen only (not necessarily always,
though frequently) if the first (or any?) argument value contains a
character like '-' or '.' (word boundary?) - as soon as i turn off
highlighting everything's fine again.


f.screen_h =
(split apart after the first '-')

p.figure_h =
Hans Burgkmair_comma_ 1507_comma_ Augsburg.)

any ideas? (if more information is needed just let me know ;-)