Re: [greenstone-users] highlighting messes up macros [REALLY SOLVED(?)]

From jens wille
DateWed, 05 Oct 2005 14:32:39 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] highlighting messes up macros [REALLY SOLVED(?)]
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hi katherine!

i now modified highlightext.cpp to expand macros before highlighting
(instead of skipping macro names/arguments) which seems to solve the
described problem completely - yet still the question: might this
expanding-before-highlighting cause any trouble?

anyway, here's what i did (in the highlighttext function):

// expand macros _before_ highlighting
text_t exptext = "";
disp.expandstring(text, exptext);

+ substituted the two following occurences of 'text' with 'exptext'

(hope this is proper c++ ;-)

if there aren't any objections against doing this i consider it the
final solution :-)