Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP (2.71 build problem)

From jens wille
DateSun, 25 Feb 2007 23:23:34 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP (2.71 build problem)
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hi there!

jens wille [11.01.2007 08:42]:
> however, it did work for me on my linux box (same greenstone
> version), only the windows version seems to have that problem.
oh my! all of a sudden, i'm having this same error on my linux
machine, too :-(

---- snip ----
inverting the text (mgpp_passes -I2)
ArcPlug: processing
GAPlug: processing Dl1.dir/doc.xml
numDocs: 0
numChunkDocs: 0
numDocsInChunk: 9333
numFrags: 166
numFragsInChunk: 1983908
chunkStartFragNum: 0
num: 349833
[num].start: 15506131
[num].here: 15506173
[num+1].start: 15506153
mgpp_passes : Bit buffer overrun
---- snip ----

greenstone version: 2.72
linux version: Linux linux2 2.4.27-2-386 #1 Wed Aug 17 09:33:35 UTC
2005 i686 GNU/Linux

unfortunately, i wasn't even able to fully understand the code in
ivf.pass2.cpp that's responsible for that buffer overrun check ;-)

i'm currently running another build with strace, but i'm not sure if
that will shed any light on this issue. quite puzzling though, since
it used to work all the time up to now *sigh*

just wanted to let you know...