[greenstone-devel] (no subject)

From Jia Liu
DateThu, 1 Jul 2004 18:54:31 -0400
Subject [greenstone-devel] (no subject)

I use greenstone version 2.5.1 under the linux system. I created a new
collection based on the greenstone demo. When I put the folders ec158e, ec159e,
ec160e into the new collection, and built it. I got the error messege "
ivf.pass1 : Error during done of "ivf.pass1", and could not build the index at
all. But when I put other folders instead of ec*, they worked fine. I am
wondering what's the difference betweent the folder ec158e and
b18mie. I did such a test because I met the same problem when I tried to build
my own collection. I put 2 folders with one metadata.xml in each folder, but
when I finished building, I just can see one document( which is contained in one
folder), and had the same error messege like " ivf.pass1 : Error during done of
"ivf.pass1". Is there any one can help me to solve this problem? I would like
to know to fix the problem when I see the error messges of ivf.passs. Thank you
very much.


Jia Liu

Emory Univeristy