[greenstone-devel] issues rebuilding a collection of photos

From Jim Hart
DateWed Mar 24 04:18:08 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] issues rebuilding a collection of photos
Using version 2.82 on Linux.

We have a collection of 910 photos in 31 folders. We're making changes
to the metadata.xml files to work around the datestamp problem.

Doing a minimum rebuild in the GLI with mode set to infodb, the import
process recreates the thumbnails and screen-size images, which takes a
long time (20-30 minutes). Doing the build from the command line, with
buildcol.pl, does the same thing, but, in addition, goes into an
infinite loop, importing the collection over and over again (in one
case, 5 times) until I kill it.

Are these known problems? Would they be fixed by upgrading to 2.83?

Jim Hart
Bates College