[greenstone-users] Fwd: Greenstone sort capability

From John Rose
DateSat May 10 07:27:26 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Fwd: Greenstone sort capability
Dear Colleagues,

I'm forwarding the message below on behalf of Ruth Thomas in Kenya.
Could someone please help with copy to her directly? Thanks and best
regards, John Rose

>Dear John Rose,
>The Kenya Information Preservation Society is using
>Greenstone for its Union list of theses and
>dissertations held by Kenyan universities.
>Please advise: Can Greenstone do a 3-level sort?
>e.g. Institution, then Subject, then Author. We would
>be very grateful for your help.
>Many thanks for your assistance.
>Best wishes,
>Ruth Thomas
>Member Executive Committee
>Kenya Information Preservation Society