[greenstone-users] ProCite plugin

From John Rose
DateMon Jul 21 19:21:46 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] ProCite plugin
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Hi Kathy,

The comma delimited file has commas separating
fields, double quotes around field values, and CF/LF between records.

The tab delimited file has tabs for both
separating fields and delimiting field values, and CF/LF between records.

Both files have txt extensions and the
process_exp parameter of the ProCite plugin is the default (?i)(.txt)$

Effectively the normal build was being done
before by TEXTPlug. When I remove TEXTPlug (or
move it to after ProCitePlug), the normal build
fails saying "0 documents were considered for
processing". Changing split_exp to r from does not make any difference.

Even when TEXTPlug was first (and also with
TEXTPlug removed or moved to the end), the
explode is done with ProCitePlug producing a nul
file for each record and a metadata.xml file with
only the file name as metadata.

So, the result is still negative. I am sending
you offline the two ProCite text files.

Thanks, John

At 03:37 21/07/2008, you wrote:
>Hi John
>First, maybe a dumb question, but are you sure
>that the file is being processed by ProCite plugin and not eg TextPlug?
>Secondly, maybe you haven't got the split_exp
>set up correctly. This is a regular expression
>that separates records in the file.
>" " should split the file at each line. (You might like to try r also).
>If you can't get it working, can you send us a
>small example of the exported database.
>Hope this helps
>John Rose wrote:
>>Has anyone succeeded in using the ProCite plugin?
>>It seems that it requires a txt file. I am
>>trying to get it to work for a colleague who
>>has ProCite 5, which has options for generating
>>Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited or Custom (you
>>can specify any single character as a field
>>separator, delimiter, or end-of-record character) files.
>>I have tried with comma delimited and tab
>>delimited files. In both cases, when I try to
>>build a collection with the file, it processes
>>one document, then shows only one document in
>>the collection (the entire database, with each
>>record on a separate line preceded by <Default>154328).
>>When I explode and then build, it says that the
>>metadata.xml file is being processed by
>>MetadataXMLPlug, then that each of the nul
>>files are being processed by NULPlug, but when
>>I go to the Enrich view I see no metadata
>>associated with the files (and no lines for exp
>>metadata, only blank lines for dc).
>>The only parameter for the plugin is
>>"split_exp" which is "A perl regular expression
>>to split input files into segments.". I have no
>>idea what this means (should be clarified).
>>When I guessed that it could be the separator,
>>I changed "default = " to "default = " with
>>the tab delimited file, but this makes no difference.
>>If no input from the group, asking the Waikato
>>team to explain how the ProCite plugin works, thanks and best regards, John
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