[greenstone-users] Endnote export to GLI

From John Rose
DateFri Dec 5 03:06:05 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Endnote export to GLI
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Dear Ron,

I understand that there is an option in Endnote to export to BibTex,
and there is a BibTex plugin for Greenstone. So that if this works,
it would be simpler and in principle more error resistant than
directly reformatting the metadata to confirm to Greenstone standards.

Please let us know if this works. Some of the bibliographic database
plugins, including perhaps BibTex, were apparently developed a long
time ago for specific applications and may have hitches. Best
regards, John of Greenstone Team

P.S. The CDS/ISIS plugin was completely reworked in 2006 and the
ProCite plugin has been refined in version 2.81rc but not yet widely
tested. We are carefully monitoring for user feedback.

>From: "Ron Vave" <ronvave@connect.com.fj>
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>Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 07:18:54 +1200
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>Subject: [greenstone-users] Endnote export to GLI
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>Bula (hello),
>First, I would like to know if the Endnote reference database can
>somehow be imported into Greenstone, and if yes, how do I go about
>doing this? And if there are any disadvantages to this as opposed to
>entering information directly into GLI?
>Secondly, I would like to know if its possible to search the
>archives of postings made on this Greenstone listserver, so a person
>could search that first and apply solutions proposed in it, before
>repeating any postings here.
>Vinaka (thanks),
>Ron Vave
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