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From John Rose
DateSun, 13 Nov 2005 20:54:42 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] isis into greenstone
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Dear Pablo,

I asked Greentone about this last month and Katherine wrote:

"The CDS/ISIS plugin will only process the metadata database. As far as I
know, it doesn't do anything with the original documents.

However, the exploding metadata database functionality (right click on a
database file in GLI to access this) does allow you to download the
original documents, and the metadata from the database will be attached
to the document. You need to use the document_field (and possibly
document_prefix and document_suffic) options. The database will be split
into individual records (which is irreversible), and where original
documents are available they will be downloaded. Once the documents are
in the collection, they wil be treated like any other documents in a
collection - indexable and browsable as normal.

I think this has been available since 2.60."

I have not got this to work yet, perhaps you
could report when you get a chance to try it. Best regards, John Rose

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>Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 16:58:57 -0300
>Subject: [greenstone-users] isis into greenstone
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> I have imported my cds/isis databases into greenstone and it
>works fine wich is great.
>I have a link field pointing to the ful text of the document described in
>each record. However I think it would be useful to be able to make
>searches in free text besides those in isis database fields. Anyone knows
>a way of doing this?
>Thank you for your comments,
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