[greenstone-users] Searching subsections only

From Jonathan Gorman
DateSun, 27 Nov 2005 11:45:13 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] Searching subsections only
Hi all,

First, some quick background. I'm creating a digital library
revolving around recipes for Dr. Downie's Digital Library
class. I've been plodding along rather slowly and am seeking
a bit of help.

Now, the recipes follow a form like this (I'm not entirely
sure what the actual import form will be, they are xml files
right now).

<description>really good chili</description>
<ingredients>...some ingredient elements</ingredients>
<instructions>...some instruction elements (p and

Is there a good way to limit searches to just a particular
section? Here was my first idea:

Assign the metadata secttype either being description,
ingredients, or instructions. Create a subcollection for each
so that only sections containing the appropriate metadata type.

However, it's becoming clear that subcollections seem to
really work on a document level and this approach probably
won't work.

If people want a simpler case to solve, imagine

Is there any way to have it "search" just the abstracts?

I'm assuming there must be something obvious I'm missing.

Jon Gorman