Re: [greenstone-users] oidtype question

From Jonathan Gorman
DateTue, 8 Nov 2005 15:41:13 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] oidtype question
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Hi Birgit,

Looking quickly back at some notes I have about this I have a feeling the
problem is in how the metadata.xml is set up.

> A record in my metadata.xml now looks like this:

Can you actually include metadata like this in the description element?
I thought they all had to be in the Metadata element in the pattern
<Metadata name="foo">value</Metadata>. I haven't played much with this
part of Greenstone though.

In my library I believe I have something like:

<Metadata name="dc.Identifier">41</Metadata>

But I don't have access to it at the moment, so I might be mistaken.

Also it's typically dangerous practice in the XML/SGML world to use ids
with only numbers. You usually should have it start with a character
(i41). I don't know how it affects Greenstone, but that could be an issue
as well.

Jon Gorman
(an occasional Greenstone user)