[greenstone-users] Phrase search oddities?

From Jonathan Gorman
DateFri, 9 Dec 2005 10:16:10 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
Subject [greenstone-users] Phrase search oddities?
Hi all,

Sorry to pester you all again, but I've noticed some strange behavior when
trying to do "phrase" searching.

First, say I search for "foo" "bar". If I select some words, it'll still
and these together. That is, I'll only get words with foo and bar in
them. I realize this might be in part because the query is passed in, the
documents gathered, and then filtered. But it goes against the user
expectations. If they're search for some words, and do "cream of corn"
"cream of mushroom" and choose some words, it might be because they have
those ingredients and want to know any casseroles that have either of them

Also, searching "foo" "foo" causes it to never match. The chances of
this happening with how our particular library is somewhat likely.

In the second case I can do some JavaScript magic I believe with a little
hacking of the macros. My fear is the only way around the first case is
to dig in deeper to how the filter system works. I'm also nervous that
it'll take a large amount of tweaking to fix this.

On a related note, are there any nice docs on what search options are
available? I'm assuming just whole words, but is there any more tricks.
I haven't played around with it much, but I know there isn't a huge amount
of functionality.

(If I can get this to work somewhat reliably, I can map "some words" to a
crude "What I have in my pantry", and "all words" to "I want to use
something that uses all of these".

Jon Gorman