[greenstone-users] Client/Server setup, AZList and Child nodes, Configuring AZList to ignore whole words.

From Jonathan Pattison
DateMon, 14 Mar 2005 15:22:42 +0000
Subject [greenstone-users] Client/Server setup, AZList and Child nodes, Configuring AZList to ignore whole words.
I am using Greenstone 2.52 on Windows.

1. Is it possible to use Greenstone in a Client/Server set up? ie have
the GLI running over a network and importing the files onto a different
machine (the server). I might have read something to this effect for the
Linux version but is it possible on Windows? The summery of the
improvements with Version 2.53 refer to a 'more bandwidth friendly' GLI,
is this referring to running Greenstone over a network?

2. My child nodes are not listing alphabetically even though I have
configured it to do this in the GLI. Has anyone else experienced this
problem? It appears in the collect file as listed below:

classifyAZCompactList -metadata dc.Subject -minnesting 1
-mincompact 1 -sort dc.Title -mingroup 1 -maxcompact 15

3. In the AZList I want to ignore the word 'The' but unfortunately this
includes the start of 'Theatre' which means Theatre is listed with the
titles starting with the letter A. Is there any way to ignore a whole
word? I have tried entering a space afterwards but it has no effect.

Many thanks,
Jonathan Pattison



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