[greenstone-users] Spec for Greenstone Server/s

From Jonathan Pattison
DateThu, 05 May 2005 17:25:14 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Spec for Greenstone Server/s
Greenstone 2.60 has recently been used to build a library collection of 4.5 gig for our local government organisation * the actual imports folder houses documents of around 1 gig. It is running on Windows 2000.

In order to specify a new server requirement within a budgetary process, we would like to know what specification and type of server setup is being used by other users for large collections * there is one of 7 Gb of text mentioned within the Greenstone FAQ, for instance.

As we would like whatever hardware we acquire to be more than adequate for at least the next 3 years (during which time library collections from other departments may be added, some of them image rather than text) we would like to know how institutions with big collections manage the process, what sort of setup they have eg do they have one server to build and another to provide access or one high spec server to do both?

Also what components make the most difference in performance ie what are the key factors regarding hardware that influence how long it takes to search and how long to build collections?

We are also aware that the next version of Greenstone, Greenstone 3, is intended for a distributed architecture - presumably to take account of an increasing range and variety of collection - and may want to implement Greenstone 3 once it is complete. So we would like to take this into account too.

If our wish is to build incrementally (rather than have to scrap whatever hardware we get next and start again), what should we think of specifying now in terms of server or servers that would give us more than adequate capacity in the future or allow us to build up to it?

We would be glad of any responses.

Many thanks,
Jonathan Pattison



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