[greenstone-users] Windows XP and local address problem

From Jonathan Tremblay
DateThu, 30 Jun 2005 21:10:53 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Windows XP and local address problem

Some of my users/testers are not able to load the first page when they start the local server.

There's an entry in the FAQ about proxy and localhost problems:

They don't use any proxy server. They are using laptops under Windows XP SP2. The firewall is not the problem.

The local address resolution doesn't seam to work. The default address which appears in the browser is the machine name WITH the domain name (ex. p225545464.aidslaw.ca) and that cannot be resolved. Either of those solutions will work:
a) type (or http://localhost/gsdl) manually in the web browser
b) edit the hosts file in c:windowssystem32driversetchosts to convert the address to

I got that situation on the computers of two of my ten testers. And I feel like it's not only a "bad network config" that can be treated as a minor problem. I'm afraid that 2000 of my 10000 final users will get the same one!

I cannot ask those people to type an address manually and I cannot ask them to edit the hosts file (which is not always present... and cannot be edited unless the user is an admin).

By the way I also tried the Netscape "Restricted version"... but discovered that it doesn't work on (almost all) Windows XP computers...

I would like to specify to the server to use as the address... But it doesn't look possible. I did try to edit the url in gsdlsite... but that parameter is not used by the server (then, why is it there?)

What else can I do? Would I be able to change the address by recompiling the source code? I was not planning on that...


Jonathan Tremblay

Another link about the same problem: