Re: [greenstone-users] Spam

From John R. McPherson
DateFri, 10 Oct 2003 12:37:21 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Spam
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On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 08:59:03PM +1300, John R. McPherson wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 09:31:01AM +0200, Rene Schrama wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just subscribed yesterday and I'm already on someone's
> > spamlist. What would be the proper procedure if I want to file a
> > complaint?
> > > From: "DataNZ" <>
> > > To: <Rene.Schrama@...>
> > > Subject: Low-cost digitising
> Hi,
> I don't think they got your email address from the greenstone mailing
> list. We have it set up so that only the list administrator (ie me) can

Hi everyone,

turns out I was wrong - someone from this company ( was
monitoring posts to this list and apparently sending spam out. I've
removed the address from the mailing list.

If you want to see who is responsible for this company/website, you
can go to
and type in "datanz" into the entry form. (you will need to have
cookies enabled in your web browser for this to work.)

Complain to them - they sent it.

John McPherson