[greenstone-users] Browse using multilingual metadata

From Yves Deplasse
DateMon, 19 Sep 2005 11:53:26 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Browse using multilingual metadata

I'm trying to build a pdf collection. The documents are rather
technical ; some of them are written in english, others in french or

The people who will assign metadata to each document know one
language only (i.e. french) so the value for -say- the dc.subject
metadata will be written in french.

My goal is : when a french-speaking user navigates the collection and
browses by subject, the original (french) values are displayed AND
when an english-speaking user browses the same documents, english
values are displayed.

Since the subject values might fit in a controlled vocabulary, does
anyone think i might use some kind of dictionary in order to reach my
goal ? I would like to avoid duplicating the metadata over and over.

Browsing will rely on AZlist and Hierarchy.

A quick example ?

When setting 'Preferences' to English, a user would be able to browse
by subject and get :


--> doc1
--> doc 2
--> doc 3
--> doc 4

Setting preferences to French :


--> doc1
--> doc 2
--> doc 3
--> doc4

Canard is french for duck, souris = french for mouse.

Same documents, differents labels

Any idea ?

--Yves Deplasse
Brussels, Belgium.