Re: [greenstone-users] compiling Greenstone on FreeBSD

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 19 Oct 2006 17:00:34 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] compiling Greenstone on FreeBSD
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Hi Robert

Did you download a binary distribution then attempt to compile it?
For binary distributions, you need to run the installshield installer,
or the script. Then recompile. It looks like your source code
hasn't been installed into the correct location (e.g. should be
gsdl/src/recpt not gsdl/src/src/recpt)

For your setup, you should start from the source distribution. Then
configure, make and make install will work better.

It would be good if you could start from the source distro, and let us
know the problems that you had there (probably about half of the ones
listed below). Then we can update the FreeBSD page on our wiki
and fix any bugs in greenstone.

We don't run the GLI over ssh, and we haven't done anything particular
with X, we just use the Java GUI libraries and leave it all up to the
Java runtime.

You can set up remote collection building on a server using the GLI
applet - the user will not need to install anything locally. See
for instructions.

If you want to remotely login and build collections, then you will need
to use command line building, not the GLI.


Robert Carlitz wrote:
> I have compiled and set up Greenstone on a FreeBSD 5.2 system. I found
> a few little problems in configure, and I have a few questions about
> other things I ran into.
> Here are the problems:
> 1. I had to install gdbm and iconv from the FreeBSD ports collection.
> 2. I had to copy src/Unix/* to src to be able to run configure.
> 3. I got a syntax error in src/packages/wv/wv-gs/libole2/ms-ole.h. This
> was fixed by replacing ssize_t on lines 73 and 76 with int. (The
> FreeBSD ports version of libole2 has an int here.)
> 4. After running configure I had to add -I/usr/local/include to
> INCLUDES in src/packages/unac/Makefile to be able to find /usr/local/
> include/iconv.h.
> 5. Similarly, I had to add /usr/local/lib/libiconv.a to LIBS in the
> Makefiles for src/src/mgpp/text, src/src/recpt and src/src/oaiservr.
> 6. I had to use gmake, not the system make.
> 7. After running gmake, I had to replace ../../cgi-bin/ with ../../../
> gsdl/cgi-bin/ in the Makefiles for src/src/recpt and src/src/oaiservr.
> I was a little confused how to build collections on a remote machine.
> After installing the binaries on a Mac, I saw how works and
> realized that I could use to access a remote Greenstone
> server.
> But before I did that, I tried running on my FreeBSD machine,
> having logged in from a terminal window on the Mac. complained
> that it didn't have DISPLAY defined, so I thought it wanted to open an
> X window on the Mac. Therefore I started up X11 on the Mac, logged in
> to the FreeBSD machine with sh -X and tried running
> Interestingly, it almost worked. X windows opened on the Mac, but they
> only displayed portions of the intended text.
> I presume that the Java libraries used in the GLI have some code for
> running under X, but that the GLI systematically attempt to exploit
> this capability. Am I right to assume that you did not regard the
> performance of X as adequate for your purposes? For a slow connection
> this would certainly be a problem, but how about with a fast
> connection? Or is the X support in the Java libraries you are using
> simply inadequate for the task?
> I'm more curious about this than interested in using Greenstone this
> way, but I did get confused when I saw things almost working and did
> not understand the architecture you had chosen. It might be a good
> idea to turn off the X support in the Java libraries if you don't want
> people to use it at all. Or, if it isn't a lot of work to get the X
> code to work properly, it would be nice to make it available
> generally. It certainly would be nice to let people build collections
> on a remote server without having to install anything on their local
> machines.