Re: [greenstone-users] multiple installations / linux / gsdlhome

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 14 Mar 2005 15:56:40 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] multiple installations / linux / gsdlhome
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Hi Karen

You shouldn't have a problem with running multiple greenstones. When you
want to run something in one gsdl, you run 'source setup.bash' in the
appropriate directory (in a new shell) - this will set the correct
$GSDLHOME for the session.
As long as Apache is set up properly to use each greenstone then you
should be fine.
Greenstone 3 is designed so that it can run side by side with Greenstone
2 so won't be a problem - it uses $GSDL3HOME etc

The only time I can think of where you would get a problem is when
running GLI - the config file is currently saved in ~/.gli/config.xml.
This has a version number inside it, and if it doesn't match the current
running version of GLI, a new config file is created. This means that
you will always use the correct config file, but when you switch
between greenstone versions, your preferences will be lost.
We have added to our todo list changing the config.xml file name to
include the version number - that way you will be able to run two
versions of GLI and keep preferences for each.

Katherine Don

Karen E. Medina wrote:
> Hello New Zealand,
> I have version 2.52 installed. I've also installed 2.53. And I plan to
> install version 3. On on one linux user account. Multiple installations
> will confuse gsdlhome. I'm assuming I can just grep the .pm files and find
> where it mentions gsdlhome and change them to gsdl253 and gsdl3 and then
> go from there. Or is there something else I should consider?
> I'm assuming you guys do this same type of thing during development, so I
> thought I'd ask.
> thanks,
> -Karen Medina
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