[greenstone-users] MARCXMLPlug and MetadataXMLPlug

From Katherine Don
DateTue Apr 8 14:59:16 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] MARCXMLPlug and MetadataXMLPlug
In-Reply-To (47E2893E-1090804-yale-edu)
Hi Arthur

This is a bug with MARCXMLPlug. And I'll need to check the other XML
plugins to see if its a problem anywhere else. I'll look at it in more
detail over the next week or so and commit a fix. In the meantime, heres
something that appears to work, but I haven't tested it extensively.

Edit your MARCXMLPlug.pm file. Look for the line
$self->add_OID($doc_obj, $self->{'record_count'});

(this was about line 416 in my version.)
Add the following BEFORE the add_OID line.

# include any metadata passed in from previous plugins
# note that this metadata is associated with the top level section

$self->extra_metadata ($doc_obj,

Then rebuild the collection.
It should work now. If you notice anything has gone wrong though, please
let me know.


Arthur R. Belanger wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Diego.
> I was doing just what you suggested. Unfortunately, it does not work.
> This strategy does work in an image collection I have which is why I
> tried it.
> It appears that the dc.Identifier metadata from the metadata.xml file
> is not getting passed along. Perhaps this is a problem in MARCXMLPlug
> or some option that I have failed to specify or the order of the plugins.
> Does anyone have any ideas?