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From Katherine Don
DateThu, 04 Dec 2003 08:36:27 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] FW: [greenstone-devel] newbie question aboutmetadata.xml file(s)
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Hi Linda

Sorry about not replying earlier - we have all been busy down here.

We use one metadata.xml file per folder. So if all your files are in the import
directory with no sub folders, then you can only have one metadata.xml.
However, if you have sub folders, then you can have one metadata file per
So you could divide the images into subfolders - maybe make a new subfolder
everytime you add a batch of images. So you don't end up with one big metadata

Katherine Don

"Newman, Linda (newmanld)" wrote:

> Judging from the lack of response, perhaps I should have sent this question
> to the users list instead of the developers list. My apologies for the
> duplication.
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> Subject: [greenstone-devel] newbie question about metadata.xml file(s)
> We plan to experiment with Greenstone for a large image collection.
> I have a question about the metadata.xml file. The 'demo' collection shows
> one metadata.xml file which has information for each document appended,
> within the <Description> tag, within that one file. In the "Inside
> Greenstone Collections" pdf document, the example of the OAI demonstration
> collection is discussed, and the documentation refers to a metadata.xml file
> for EACH source document rather than one metadata.xml file. Although an
> example of a metadata.xml file is listed, no explanation is given of how to
> name and store multiple metadata.xml files. In our case we would probably
> be doing an import, and not the 'acquire' step shown by the OAI example.
> One collection we could decide to use in Greenstone would grow to 550,000
> images (not texts), and although we may subdivide that by sub-collections
> based on data ranges, I'm assuming that we would need multiple xml files
> containing the metadata for each image, rather than trying to append the
> data within one file for the collection or sub-collections. How does one
> name and store these multiple metadata.xml files so that the import process
> appropriately finds each one?
> Hope this question is intelligible and fairly straight-forward...
> Thanks for any replies!
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