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Sorry about the delay in replying to this.

I don't think that assoc files is what you want. The -assoc_files option is used for processing links in the html. When HTMLPlug comes across a link (<a> tag) in the html it needs to decide which links are for local files and which are external links - it does this partlly by looking at file extensions and whether they match the -assoc_files parameter. If they do, then the links are rewritten to be internal greenstone links and the appropriate file (generally image files) is added as an associated file to the document.

If you are still having problems, please repost your query to the list, but include more information about what you are trying to do.
There have been several messages on the mailing list about combining different file types - BibTex and PDF - in particular a message that I sent on 4th Dec titled Re: BibTex and PDF
Have a look through these old messages, they may help you.

Katherine Don

Cao Minh Kiem wrote:

Hi, list members,I ­ant to create a collection of HTML document with associated PDF file for fulltext (as Text in Vietnam­ese can not be processed by PDFtoHTML plugin). I would like to know whether we can use assoc_files parmeter for PDF files in HTMLplugin? I have edited the configuration file like this:         plugin HTMLPlug -assoc_files pdfBut it does not workThank you Cao Minh Kiem
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