Paper documents

From Diego Spano
DateMon, 7 Apr 2003 15:33:43 -0300
Subject Paper documents
I have something that I don´t know how to resolve using Greenstone. I´m working at Human Rights Secretary in Argentina but I also work in association with several NGO. We focus on files that belong to people who were kidnapped in the 70s and 80s. We have lot of paper documents that we want to organize and Greenstone seems to be a very useful tool.
The case is the following:
suppose you have a record (aprox. 50 paper pages) belonging to "Diego Spano". This file was scanned so we have 50 tif files and 50 txt files (OCR). Text files are used only to search and to get the image from where it was recognized. Since the images have stamps and signatures, it should be visualized once made the search on the text.
How can we organize the collection to let the users search over the text files and viewing the associated image file?
How can we make the document "browseable"? I mean, go to the first page, the last, previous and next once the user displays a page from the results list?.
Any recommendation?
Thanks a lot.
Lic. Diego J. Spano