[greenstone-users] problem with Greek characters

From Petros Artemi
DateFri Jun 20 19:45:02 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] problem with Greek characters
Dear all,

I work with greenstone v2.74 and I have the following problems:

Firstly, whilst trying to conduct a search in Greek, (at the Librarian
Interface, I choose the "Enable Advance Searches" option and then format
search types "form, plain") I get no results. I have tried all the Greek
encoding and the problem persists.

I noticed that when I perform search for something in greek with the
choose (format search types "plain, form") the Greek characters are
working correctly.

Secondly, after any search when a record is displayed (full-text page),
I would like to know how to arrange the settings from the format
document text so that appears all the subject headings [dc. Subjects]
that record describing.

Thank you in advance

Petros Artemi

Cyprus University of Technology

Library and Information Services

*: +357 25002567

7: +357 25002761

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