[greenstone-users] question about gsprintf,please help me

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DateTue Dec 16 10:00:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] question about gsprintf,please help me
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Hi Amin

"$linetext =~ s/(s*)#s+Updateds+(d?d-DDD-dddd)s*$//i;"
intended to clean up the string by deleting blank spaces,#,blank space
followed by "Updated" and date with empty. Please see
http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/Perl/sandtr.html#remembering for more details.

In your case, there might be some special characters in your translations,
for which the expression couldn't handle properly. If you could find those
special characters that will be help for developers to find a solution.
And the way to do it is not difficult. Try to write an simple Perl code to
pass all your translated strings with this expression, then you might find
the problem.


> hello every one
> can any body out there tell me what is the line 231 in file
> gs2buildperllibgsprintf.pm is good for ?
> i wanted to traslate the strings.properties inside gs2buildperllib to
> persian
> but when i made a strings_fa.properties file like other traslations and
> saved it az utf-8 it returnd an error while
> trying to load the gli
> so i traced back the error and got to the line 231 in file
> gs2buildperllibgsprintf.pm and that wolude be the line below
> $linetext =~
> s/(s*)#s+Updateds+(d?d-DDD-dddd)s*$//i;
> becouse of this line my xml out put from the file downloadeinfo.pl wasent
> well formed
> and i got the error when i was trying to load the gli
> but when i commented out the line 231 in file
> gs2buildperllibgsprintf.pm
> my errors where gone and the gli loaded perfectly whit my traslations in
> there own palceses
> so sombody please tell me what is this line good for and
> it apears this line was making my utf-8 code to have some syntax error in
> it
> !!!!!
> if that problem was spose to be a bug shoulde i report it in the tracs ?
> please help me
> tnx every one
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