Re: [greenstone-users] ENCompass access to Greenstone collections?

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 14 Oct 2003 14:35:25 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] ENCompass access to Greenstone collections?
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Hi Constance,

I'm not aware of anyone who has used ENCompass with Greenstone. Hopefully if one of our users has done so they will speak up with their experiences.

>From the ENCompass page that you linked to in your e-mail, I see that ENCompass supports "Z39.50 gateway searching for resources enabled with this protocol". I've never used it (and therefore know very little about it), but Greenstone does have Z39.50 support. You may be able to use this to allow ENCompass to search Greenstone collections.

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Constance Malpas wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Does any one of you know of successful implementations of Endeavor Systems ENCompass that provide access to collections within Greenstone (as well as other library resources)? ENCompass is designed to enable integrated access and cross collection searching of metadata in OPACs as well as digital library collections, with a combination of XML and http gateways. I'm curious to know if anyone is using it to provide integrated access to Greenstone collections + other library holdings. Since the Greenstone "archive" metadata is already in an XML format, it seems to me that the implementation would be fairly easy...but I'm only guessing.
> (More info on ENCompass: )
> I would be happy to summarize and re-post any replies that are directed to me personally, if this is an issue that interests others in the Greenstone community.
> Many thanks,
> Constance
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