[greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice

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DateWed Sep 10 08:57:02 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice
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Hi Julian

Basically, you are allowed to install and run multiple Greenstones onto a
Linux machine depends on how you configure Apache to serve them. I think
there are two configurations outside the Greenstone installed directory
might affect the new Greenstone running properly. One is Apache
configuration for serving Greenstone. You have to name Greenstone Alias
differently if there is more than one Greenstone installed. The other is
the remote GLI configuration which is located at the .gli/ folder. You'd
better rename it when you are going to run a new remote GLI. Otherwise the
old remote GLI settings might cause problems, such as a library URL
couldn't be found if the new Greenstone has a different library URL.

For moving the collections from a old Greenstone to a new one, all you
need to do is to copy oldGreenstone/collect to newGreenstone/collect.

Users usually modify the etc/main.cfg file and some files under the macro
directory to customize their Greenstone. So you have to compare them one
by one to see the differences, then move them to the new Greenstone.

hope it will help

> Hi all,
> I'm sure someone has upgraded Greenstone on a Linux box. With by now
> some 200,000 digital objects in our collections and some particular
> configurations, I cannot afford any errors! I wish to upgrade from 2.73
> to 2 .8x on a K/Ubuntu OS. All the descriptions I find are to do with
> Windows, hence I'd like some practical advice on just what to do in the
> Linux case. Obviously I must protect the Collections folder, but there
> will be macros and configurations I have altered that I also want to
> keep - so how exactly do I go about it? Has someone gone through this
> and could list for me what to do? I'm concerned that if I just do an
> 'install.sh' in the GS 2.8 new version I may wipe out certain
> configurations I wish to keep. Obviously I have everything backed up in
> case there are errors, but best to avoid these in the first place - or
> is this all written somewhere? Seems that the manuals deal mostly with
> Windows. Basically I don't do Windows!
> Julian
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