[greenstone-users] OAI server question regarding URLs for dc.identifier

From Murray Altheim
DateWed Mar 3 15:32:30 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] OAI server question regarding URLs for dc.identifier
Hi Katherine,

This may sound like it's coming from left field (and likely outside the
scope for this particular question), but what do you think about
incorporating the functionality of a persistent identifier web service
(similar to a tinyurl.com), i.e., every record ("intellectual entity") is
assigned a unique URI, this URI is the one embedded within
dc.identifier, and the web service provides resolution to the actual
URL within Greenstone. This service could be used both inside of
Greenstone (as persistent identifiers for entity resolution) or by
external users, as "permalinks".

The National Library is looking into such a service. I prototyped
something earlier in the year, and while that's currently on hold
pending other priorities the project is still alive. The service can
resolve to any value in its metadata record (i.e., a URI, URL, or
metadata field value), or to an HTTP redirect (the default). This
could also be used for an authority record web service.

Thought I'd throw that idea out to see if it's of interest...


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>>> Katherine Don <kjdon@cs.waikato.ac.nz> 03/03/10 2:57 PM >>>
Hi there

Several people have wanted URLs to the document in a dc.identifier field.
I have been working on this, and have added code to generate a URL for
documents that have a source doc, eg word, pdf etc - i.e. ones where in
greenstone you'd use srclink to link to the original document.

What do people want for documents where the source doc is not stored, eg
text and html? Three options I can think of:
* no link - but then does this mean it won't validate in some situations?
* Link to the greenstone version? eg ...library.cgi?a=d&c=collname&d=docid
* option when building to store the original (in index/assoc), then link
to it like for word/pdf docs.

Any other ideas?

Any feedback appreciated.


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