RE: [greenstone-users] GLI error in build

From Michael Lines
DateWed, 28 Apr 2004 13:11:50 -0600
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] GLI error in build
I have about 400 documents (192MB) in a digital library I am trying to build
that comes up with an error message after the import process, so I think it
relates to buiding indexes. The error says unable to preview collection, and
then the build process either hangs before the indexes are started, or gets
through them and shuts the computer down before the final one is reached. I am
running Windows 2000, but have tried it on XP as well, and have used the GLI
to add the following indexes to the default search indexes: creator, date, and
subject/keyword. I have also added an AZ list to display my list of about
thirty-five subjects. The metadata seems in order, and everything almost
Can anyone shed some light?


-Michael Lines