Re: [greenstone-users] Problems in building subcollections

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 08 Jun 2005 15:23:43 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problems in building subcollections
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Hi Axel,

This is a bug in Greenstone -- only the first metadata value for the
metadata element is retrieved and checked against the subcollection

I have fixed this, and you can download an updated version of
perllib/ from
Replace your existing file, then rebuild the collection. (This is
assuming you're using MG -- let me know if you're using MGPP.)

The "partition indexes" code is rarely used, so don't be surprised if
you find more bugs!

Thanks for reporting this,


schild wrote:

> Hi list,
> Got a question concerning the *"partition indexes"* function of
> greenstone. I want to build subcollections of documents based on
> specific metadata values (for dc.Subject). Now all of my documents
> have more than one dc.Subject value assigned to them (that means
> multiple metadata values). When I use the partition indexes function
> as outlined in the developers guide or the users guide my
> subcollections will only contain documents that have the metadata
> value specified in the filter entered as their first subject value.
> To explain what I mean, here is a short example:
> Let's say the collections contains 2 documents with the metadata
> assigned in the following order:
> doc1: dc.subject = cars, dc.subject = combustion engine
> doc2: dc.subject = combustion engine, dc.subject = cars
> If I include the following line
> subcollection filterCars "dc.Subject/cars/"
> into the collect.cfg, this subcollection only contains doc1, but not
> doc2. The same problem arises for the line
> subcollection filterEngine "dc.Subject/combustion engine/"
> for which the subcollection only contains doc2, but not doc1. What I
> want is that in both documents appear in both subcollections! My first
> though was focused on changing the regular expression in order to
> achieve the desired (which I tried but failed). ThenI tried to do
> something like
> subcollection filterEngine "sibling:dc.Subject/combustion engine/"
> which did not get me any further. Can one of the developers of
> greenstone tell me whether their is a solution to my problem, and if
> so, what it is?
> Many thanks,
> Axel Schild
>Dipl.-Ing. Axel Schild
>Automatisierungstechnik und Prozessinformatik
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