Re: [greenstone-devel] Context Search Working. Windows Compression?

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 15 Jun 2005 10:00:53 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Context Search Working. Windows Compression?
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Hi Bradley,

>Thanks context search works now!
Great! We'll have to think about adding this into the main Greenstone

>On another issue, our collection is sufficiently large and we'd like
>to compress the collection so that it fits on CD. However, we cant
>seem to find the neccessary utilities to get compression working as
>per the following 2001 message we found on the archive list.
ZIPPlug is a plugin for unpacking archives inside the "import" directory
when building a collection. It doesn't have any affect on the size of
the built collection, so it is not relevant here.

Typically only the "etc", "images" and "index" directories of a
collection are needed to serve it -- are you just looking at these when
calculating how much room it will take on a CD? If these are really
bigger than a CD then you'll need to look at what is in the
"index/assoc" directory. If you have a lot of images then you can
consider saving them at a slightly lower quality (eg. with JPEG files
you can often halve the file size without any noticable loss of
quality). The document text and search indexes are heavily compressed by
Greenstone, so the "index/assoc" directory is usually the only place you
can make savings.



>>If you want ZIPPlug to work on windows just uncomment the line that
>>"return undef if ($ENV{'GSDLOS'} =~ /^windows$/i);",
>>install the utilities you mention and go for it.
>>I'm not keen on enabling it by default unless we know that everyone has
>>the required utilities. The only way to be sure of that is if we
>>distribute them with Greenstone (which I did consider at one point). For
>>now though, unless I hear a rush of complaints from people desperate to
>>use ZIPPlug on Windows, I think I'll leave it alone.
>>>Marcio Marchini wrote:
>>>It ssays it is disabled because teh tools are not available in
>>>Win95... But this is what the ActivePerl doc says:
>>>You can get nmake from
>>> You can get tar
>>>and gzip from
>>>The URL will redirect you, but eventually you will get here:
>>>Unix 95 Collection Version 7
>>>This was a package I found floating around on the web. However, due to
>>>some user feedback, I will be maintaining this archive, and updating
>>>it whenever possible...
>>>This package is a collection of small unix utilities. Currently, not
>>>all are 32-bit windows program, but as I find more, they will be
>>>This archive is broken down into two directories 32-bit (Native 95/NT
>>>programs) and 16-bit (MS-DOS programs).
>>>Enclosed you will find:
>>>cp, mv, ls, and rm. ls is modified to handle long file names...
>>>ps, nice and kill. Easy to use programs for taking control of the
>>>Several small file utilities including cat, tail, tail, head.
>>>Several disk utilities including dd, df, du, fv
>>>Zip & unzip, tar, gzip and unzip. All are modified to work with Long
>>>File names.
>>>uptime, whoami, and which
>>>I added pwd (print working directory) and hostname.
>>>Recently added/replaced several small utilities including the missing
>>Maybe GreenStone should just say these are pre-reqs (like Perl)
>>the Windows platform, and just enable the plugin ?