Re: [greenstone-users] Creating a navigation bar

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 17 Jun 2005 09:47:13 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Creating a navigation bar
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Hi Jonathan,

>I have created my own navigation bar to get more control over buttons. For example, my classifiers are opened according to the user language.
>The problem is that I want to make my buttons inactives when the page is active.
>It's easy when the pages can be identified by help:
>_btnHelp_ {_imagehelp_}
>But I don't know how to do it for classifier page, because the CL3.4.6 contains to mutch information (eg. I would need "CL2" but it can be "CL2.2.3")
>I would need to do someting like:
>Is it possible? Any other way to do that?
Unfortunately there isn't currently a general "contains" operator.
However, since what you want to do is a "starts with", and you're
hard-wiring the comparisons, it is possible to fudge it with the current
Greenstone operators:


Katherine is going to add "starts with" and "ends with" operators so
things like this are easier to do in the future.

All the best,