[greenstone-users] Re: [Greenstone3] Paged images plus hyperlinked table of contents

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 17 Jun 2005 11:52:38 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: [Greenstone3] Paged images plus hyperlinked table of contents
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Hi Gus

Just a note about Greenstone 3. This is a research version, and is still
very much in a developmental stage. Greenstone 2 is our production
version, and we recommend its use for most cases.

My comments below refer to Greenstone 2 collections, but are also
applicable to those collections in a greenstone 3 context.

Re hierarchical documents. Is the document style in the demo collection
suitable for what you want? I.e. there is a hierarchical table of
contents at the top of each document page, you can click around the
table of contents to get to different sections, and also there are next
and previous buttons.

Or do you want the table of contents to be on a separate page?

If you are happy with the demo collection style, then using the toc mode
for pagedimg plug gets you part way there - it gives you that style of
interface, but the toc will have a flat structure.
To do a proper hierarchy, we need to change the .item file structure
(and therefore the plugin) so that you can represent subsections. This
is something we have talked about doing, but is not in our immediate job

If you are in a hurry and know perl, I suggest that you have a go at
modifying the plugin to use a proper hierarchy. Then you can look at the
interface and see whether you need to modify it or not.
Otherwise you could wait till the next release (Greenstone 2) (scheduled
for july sometime) and I'll try and get the plugin modified by then.

In greenstone 3 the interface display is done using xslt but you would
still need to have the underlying document structured properly, so you
will still need the plugin modifications.

Katherine Don

> We're making the transition from GS2 to GS3 right now, and we also want to
> add a new feature.
> What we currently have is a collection of PDFs which we build with the
> PagedImgPlug using the "paged" option and .item files, so that the user can
> select an item, and they go to the first page image in the page turner
> system. This is pretty standard I suppose, and it works great.
> But this is what we want to have in the near future:
> The user selects an item, and they are taken first to a hierarchical table
> of contents, indented according to its logical structure, like this:
> Chapter 1
> Chapter 2
> [whitespace]Sub-Chapter 2.1
> [whitespace]Sub-Chapter 2.2
> Chapter 3
> Each entry in that ToC would be a link to its corresponding page number in
> the page turner system (the first page of Chapter 2, or the first page of
> Sub-Chapter 2.1, etc.).
>>From that page, they can then navigate forward and backward, as before.
> Also, each page will feature a link back to the ToC.
> Now, as I understand it, the PagedImgPlug allows either the page-turning or
> the ToC, not both. So I haven't found a way to do all this together in one
> collection. :)
> Right now I build collections with GS 2.60 on Windows XP SP2 Pro, but our
> target technology is GS 3 on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9.
> Any ideas? Is anyone already pursuing such a thing? Is it all done with
> -G.
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