Re: [greenstone-users] Build Error Question

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 24 Jun 2005 09:26:53 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Build Error Question
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Hi Kate

This is due to the local library server holding locks on the files. We
haven't managed to find a way around this yet.
But shutting down the library should be enough to clear the locks. You
shouldn't need to stop GLI, just the library server.
You definitely shouldn't need to reinstall anything.

I hope this helps,
katherine wrote:
> Anytime I try to rebuild Greenstone (after adding new metadata), it always
> shows me an error and will not allow me to rebuild.
> This is what the error says:
> "This collection cannot be rebuilt because the old index files cannot be
> deleted. Please make sure that Greenstone or some other program is not using
> these files and try again."
> What should I do? I have been having to remove the program, reinstall, and
> reformat it every time I add documents. It only allows me to build the
> collection once, the first time! This, as you can imagine, is greatly frustrating!
> Advice, comments, suggestions?
> Kate Stepp University of Tennessee Knoxville
> School of Information Sciences
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