Re: [greenstone-users] building from command line vs. from GLI - problem

DateMon, 8 Nov 2004 13:26:35 -0800
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] building from command line vs. from GLI - problem

After trying your suggestion, seems it turned out to be a browser cache issue -
I need to clear the cache and restart the browser to see the HTML when building
from the GLI - don't need to when building from the command line. Didn't
recall this problem in 2.51, it's a bit annoying :)


At 1:32 PM +1300 11/8/04, Michael Dewsnip wrote:
Hi Rich,

Hmmm... that sounds like a nasty one. Building from the GLI should be no
from building from the command-line, because all it does is run the same Perl
scripts. However, the GLI does provide a few extra arguments to and, so it actually runs:

perl -S -gli -language [lang] -collect_dir [collectdir]
perl -S -gli -language [lang] -collect_dir [collectdir]

I can't imagine adding these options would cause the HTML version to break, but
should try adding them at the command-line just in case. You should also try
building the collection in the GLI in Expert mode, and setting the verbosity
to 3 to see if there are any errors.

Regarding your second question, the GLI does not cache anything from the
collect.cfg file. You can change it as you wish and the GLI should deal with it
correctly when you next open the collection.


Michael wrote:

> Hi,
> I have recently experimented with running the import/build from the commmand
> line and am noticing something very interesting (this is in the 2.52 version).
> The collection consists of Microsoft Word documents. When I do the
> with the GLI, it says it is converting them to HTML and the icons for both
> and HTML show up when previewed. But clicking on the HTML icon shows no text,
> though if there is a cover image that shows up.
> Meanwhile, doing the same thing from the command line, the HTML version shows
> just fine. I have not altered the config file between doing it one way and
> another, at least not intentionally! Any ideas on what's happening?
> My commands with the manual method are simply:
> perl -S [collectionname]
> and
> perl -S [collectionname]
> followed by a manual drag of the "building" directory contents into "index".
> A second query is this - if I choose to go the manual route for a while and
> change the config file in the process, then choose to try the GLI again - is
> there a way to make the GLI recognize the new changes in the config file or
> will it default to the last way it was used?
> Regards,
> Rich