Re: [greenstone-devel] "Static export"

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 25 Mar 2004 09:40:13 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] "Static export"
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Hi Jakub

We had a student do just this a few years ago. He wrote perl scripts to download an entire collection, and then rebuild it into a usable static colection.
These should be in your distribution - look in gsdl/bin/script. The two scripts are called and (If they are not there I can send them to you)

Here is the comment from the grab_collection file.

#Both this script and its associated were written by
# Marcel ?, while a student at Waikato University. Unfortunately he
# was very new to perl at the time so the code is neither as clean nor
# as fast as it could be (I've cleaned up a few of the more serious
# bottlenecks -- it could do with alot more work though). The code
# does work though, if a little slowly. It's not ready for primetime
# however and is included in the Greenstone source tree mostly so that
# I don't lose it. -- Stefan - 24 Jul 2001

# This script will download an entire collection (and its associated pictures and files)
# and store them in a temporary directory ($outputdir).
# A second script ( can be then be used to 'rebuild' the collection and link all the
# downloaded pages and pictures together into a usable static collection.

It appears that there are lots of options that need to be set in the scripts before running them - have a read through the code to find out what they are. There is no other documentation.

I hope these are what you are after, and good luck.
Katherine Don.

Jakub â–¡ehan wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to discuss something rather than get a specific advice ... I should try do develop some sort of application, that should be able to create "static" images of collections from Greenstone. That is, instead of creating export CD with Greenstone software and collection data, to create some platform-indipendent static representation of the collection (such as html pages).
> This static export would be much more limited (no searching ...), but could be presented to anyone without need to install any aditional SW.
> My question is simple: is this possible? To be more specific - is it possible to browse the index structures and use the stored data to create pages? I think this isn't the only way - I saw in some books that there are applications using some sort of protocol to retrive documents stored in Greenstone (probably using Z39.50).
> The primary goal is to present most of the documents from the collection in static form, the secondary goal is to get the same "look and feel" when viewing the static collection as if the user would use Greenstone.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> have a nice day
> --
> Jakub Rehan
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