Re: [greenstone-devel] A small idea for GS!

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 14 Mar 2005 12:18:06 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] A small idea for GS!
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> I've got a small idea. I think the starting Form of GS (that consists of
> a File menu, a button (almost time is "Restart Library"), a GS icon,
> some texts) should be minimized to system tray after the GS home page
> was displayed. It'll look more professional and not bother users when
> they use Alt+Tab key. Another reason is that users rarely use it.
Thanks. We'll consider this for future releases. However, the local
library server is designed to run on Windows 3.1 and we are not sure if
3.1 has a system tray.

> And, I have some problems :(. I'll raise them here. Would you take time
> to help me, please?
> 1. Whenever I want to add one and only one file to a collection, I have
> to rebuild the collection. It must be a big problem if that collection
> is already a very big collection (in many Megabytes, even GB). Is there
> another way? Could you tell me, please?
There is no other way to add one file into a collection. However, you
may like to consider having two collections, and using cross collection
searching to search both at once. You would have a main, static
collection, and a smaller, growing one. This smaller one gets rebuilt
whenever a document is added. You need to select both collections in the
'cross collection search' part of the design panel in GLI. Do this for
both collections.
One problem with this approach is that classifiers are not merged
between collections.

> 2. I have to create a collection consisting of many files. Each file is
> a document (Word, PDF...) cosisting of many chapters. I want to mark
> each chapter is a section. Have I to insert section tag before each
> chapter, by hand? It's quite difficult with a lot of documents. Is there
> another way?

With PDF files, you can use the -use_sections option. this will create
one section per page of the pdf. With word files, you need to add the
tags in by hand.
> 3. I tried to use GLI to create a collection as Ms Katherine's advice.
> It works well, powerfully. But it still rejects Word files and PDF
> files. I know there's error in my OS. If anyone has had the same
> problem, please tell me why! Thanks a lot!
What do you mean by rejects word files? Are you using expert mode? (you
can change this in preferences). What errors do you get for your word
files. (I assume that you do have Word and PDF plugins in your plugin list)

Katherine Don