Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP (2.71 build problem)

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 06 Mar 2007 11:07:11 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP (2.71 build problem)
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Hi jens

The couldn't create index message is (I think) due to the fact that you are producing files with long extensions rather than short, and in our perl code, we are assuming short extensions.

If you look at the Makefiles, you'll see that there are lots of other CXXFLAGS that need to be used.
-g is already specified, so you don't need to pass CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to the make command.

Rebuild from source using make with no options. Do you get the buffer overrun back?

One suggestion I have is to disable accent folding - this is something we have added recently.
in your greenstone directory, run ./configure --disable-accentfold, then remake the mgpp source.

Does this get rid of the buffer overrun problem?


jens wille wrote:
hi john!

John R. McPherson [26/02/07 00:07]:
Maybe you could build the mg files again with debugging symbols
(add -g to your CFLAGS environment variable), and then maybe
we can get a stack trace.
i rebuilt the mgpp files (i suppose that's what you meant?) from the
source distribution with 'make CFLAGS=-g CXXFLAGS=-g', but all i get is:

---- snip ----
ivf.pass1 : Inverted buffer size:           5242880 bytes
ivf.pass1 : Max memory needed for 1 chunk:  2806995 bytes
ivf.pass1 : Number of chunks written:             1
ivf.pass1 : Number of documents:               9333
ivf.pass1 : Number of fragments:            1983908
ivf.pass1 : Number of words:                1983908
ivf.pass1 : Size of word dictionary:         400531
ivf.pass1 : Size of tag dictionary:               2
Stats (Creating index
Total bytes in collection: 29881561
Total bytes in
mgppbuilder::build_index - Couldn't create index
BuildDir: /usr/local/gsdl/stable/collect/rdk-dev6/building
---- snip ----

which means it built without any buffer overrun or anything like
that, just that error message - and, of course, no index... how come?

these are the files in 'building/idx/':

---- snip ----
212K rdk-dev6.invf.chunk
920K rdk-dev6.invf.chunk.trans
 28M rdk-dev6.invf.dict
4.0K rdk-dev6.invf.level
---- snip ----

do you, or anyone else, know what happened here? maybe i should take
everything from the source distribution instead of mixing? (btw, the
versions were the same: 2.72)

thanks for your support!



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