Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues with GSDL 2.4.1(MacOSX)

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 10 Feb 2004 11:02:21 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues with GSDL 2.4.1(MacOSX)
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Hi Jeremy

I'll attempt to answer some of your questions - if you don't get
satisfactory answers, I suggest re-posting the questions individually to
the list.

> My project has a search function and a browsing of the documents thru a
> hierachiel structure. I tagged the docs with <Section> tags to get the
> structure for the "Browse" classifier. That's working well.
> I do have a few questions tho:
> 1/ I gave up on the InDesign docs i had and went back to the Word
> files for the tagging i needed to do. The Word docs had images
> embedded in them, these didn't come thru the import into Greenstone.
> Is this normal? How do i make it work?

I just tried with a word document and no, the images did not come through.
I don't know anything about the Word plugin though so can't help you.

> 2/ I might still need to deal with PDF files, so if i tag them
> (<!--<Section><Description> etc) will these be stripped out by the
> PDF2HTML conversion? What about any embedded images, are they included?

You should be able to use the section tags and they will be stripped out.
Don't know about the images - you'll have to try and see.

> 3/ I've read "Customizing the Greenstone User Interface" and have come
> some way in getting things the way i want them. But i would like to be
> able to have this <>
> rather than this <>. Is
> it possible to have the "Search" "Browse" "Help" "Info" and "Prefs" all
> on one line? If i can't do this is possible to have the "Search" and
> "Browse" buttons next to one another, rather than at opposite sides of
> the page?

The home help prefs buttons and the navigation bar are defined in separate
places. The former are defined by the javalinks macro - this defaults to
_javalinks_ {_imagehome__imagehelp__imagepref__usability_} - in
it may be overridden by specific pages, eg the prefs page doesn't include
the prefs button.
Its called from the pagebanner macro in

The navigationbar macro is defined by the receptionist at runtime, cos it
depends on what classifiers and search facilities the collection has.
To get all the buttons on the same line, you could edit the c++ code
(src/recpt/documentaction.cpp defines the navigationbar) to make the
navigation bar include the home help prefs buttons, and then not include
javalinks in the pagebanner.
Alternatively, if you know that your collection will have search and
browse buttons, you could define your own macro, eg mynavigationbar, add
in the search browse home help prefs buttons (look at the javalinks in and navbar code in docaction for what macros to use to get the
buttons and links right) and then use mynavigationbar instead of
navigationbar in the page content.

> 4/ Which parts of the macros change the font size/style/etc of the
> bodytext on document pages? I don't really want to create new macros,
> i'm quite happy with modifying the base macros.

body text is output with no particular style. If the text is html, then
any font tags etc that are in the html will be used.
Otherwise it just uses the style attached to the body tag in the page -
this is defined in the htmlhead macro in

GSDL Error {
<title>GSDL Error</title>


<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000055" link="#006666"
alink="#cc9900" vlink="#666633" _1_>

If you want to change just the document pages, then redefine the htmlhead
macro in and change the colours, or add some style info etc.

> 5/ I downloaded gsdl-2.35-export and placed the expanded contents into
> the Greenstone/bin/windows folder as instructed. But when i go to
> export collection, select my collection and press export, I get a
> error window coming up "The collections() could not be exported to
> CD-ROM. Please review output below:" But there's no output, just a
> blank text field.

hmmm, not sure. you could try running from the command line
(remember to source setup.bash in your gsdl directory first) and see what
error messaegs it gives you.

> 6/ One of my source documents is called Microbial_Indicators.doc and
> i've got the cover_page set on with the cover called
> Microbial_Indicators.jpg, it still doesn't come up in the Browse
> documents page. Any clues?

Do you mean that the cover page is not shown, or that the document is
missing entirely? Can you get to the document through searching? It may be
that the document could not be processed during import and has therefore
not been included at all in your collection. Have a look at
collect/yourcollname/etc/fail.log to see if it says that this document
hasn't been processed. How did you build your collection? If you used the
librarian interface, the building log is kept in collect/yourcollname/logs
- this will also tell you if that document couldn't be processed.

If you can get to your document through searching but not browsing then it
may not have been included in the classifier.
Are you using the Browse classifier or something else? Try making an
AZList on Title or Source and see if your document comes up there.

> I _think_ that's about it ;)
> I'd be grateful for any help.

Hope this was useful
Katherine Don