Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues with GSDL 2.4.1(MacOSX) and thanks

From John R. McPherson
DateWed, 11 Feb 2004 15:39:05 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie: Various questions/issues with GSDL 2.4.1(MacOSX) and thanks
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Jeremy Mears wrote:

> I managed to fix the word picture import problem. When i converted the
> embedded pictures to .gifs they imported fine. I guess the word2html
> doesn't like WMF's.

Yes, wvWare (the doc to html converter) will extract images that are
"embedded" such as .jpg/.gif/.png images, but "wmf" (windows metafile)
is a windows-specific thing, and it can't handle Word drawings either.
It *is* possible to build a version of wvWare that can extract wmf
images but it gets complicated as it wants a whole lot of libraries
installed (such as truetype font libraries that really only exist under
linux), so we just distribute wvWare with the minimal libraries.

> tried that, got an error of GSDLhome not set. So i ran the commands in
> setup.csh manually in the Terminal. Now when i do a export.col it
> works, yay! Still doesn't work when i try it thru the GLI, but hey it's
> enough for now for the first client milestone.
> Don't really know what "source setup.bash" means. I opened setup.bash

In a command line shell, "source" means run the commands in that file,
but in the current shell session instead of a new one. This means that
any environment variables that are set in the script will stay set in
your current terminal shell, so "source setup.bash" will run the
commands in the setup.bash file, etc.

We have 3 versions of the setup script since different shells use
different syntax for setting variables:
one for bash and bash-compatible shells (which is the default shell for
most unixes and mac os x 10.3 and later), one version for csh/tcsh
shells (which some bsd unixes and older mac os x defaulted to), and
setup.bat for people unfortunate enough to be using computers with
DOS/windows on them.

I'm glad to hear that your clients are happy :p