Re: [greenstone-users] How can I diplay only the original icons

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 13 Feb 2004 17:23:11 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] How can I diplay only the original icons
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Hi Martin,

I think your problem is that you've got CL3HList, but you actually want to
format the VList part of the classifier. Change the format statement to
CL3VList and I think you'll have more success.

If you want to format the search results and all classifiers the same, you can
just do

format VList "..."

to affect all vertical lists.

Hope this helps,


Martin Mau wrote:

> hello list,
> I work with greenstone V 2.39 on a WindowsXP system. My Collection consist
> mostly of *.htm, *.doc and *.pdf documents. Now I want to display only the
> original icon (or in other words: I want to disable/ make invisible the
> greenstone hash icon!)
> Therfore I have thomething useful read in a archiv thread, but it doesn't
> work for all classifyer:
> the searchList works without problems and the "A-Z List" too.
> But I don't know the solution for the Subject- and Organisation LISTs.
> Can someone give me the answere: How must I format the both Lists!?!?
> (format CL3HList "<td>[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td>
> <td>[Title]</td>" doesn't work!)
> It's an extract of my collect.cfg:
> ****************************************************************************
> ****************************
> classify Hierarchy -hfile sub.txt -metadata Subject -sort Title
> classify Hierarchy -hfile AZList.txt -metadata AZList -sort
> Title -buttonname Title -hlist_at_top
> classify Hierarchy -hfile org.txt -metadata Organization -sort Title
> format CL3HList "<td>[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td>
> <td>[Title]</td>" #its not running!
> format CL2VList "<td>[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td>
> <td>[Title]</td>"
> format SearchVList "<td>[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td>
> <td>[Title]</td>"
> ****************************************************************************
> *****************************
> thanks and best regards
> Martin Mau
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