Re: [greenstone-users] unable to build cds/isis collection

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 17 Feb 2004 08:37:03 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] unable to build cds/isis collection
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Dear Francis,

Sorry for the slow reply to your e-mails. Thanks for asking your question on the list, however, as it means others can benefit from the answers and offer their own suggestions.

I'm trying to build a GSDl collection from a cds/isis database based on
the model for cds/isis database available at:

[Something is amiss with this collection because the search feature says
"Search for _idx_ which contain" instead of listing all the indexes

It looks like the link to this collection on the SADL mirror isn't quite right. Try:

Or, go to and choose the ISIS collection.

The cause of this problem is that the ISIS collection is a MGPP collection, and form-based searching is provided. This means the search box is suppressed on the collection front page, and this requires the extra arguments to the link.

I'll fix the SADL mirror when I get a chance; thanks for pointing this out.

How should i go about in building a collection for the sample cds/isis
database, 'cds'.

I'm trying to build the collection in the command prompt. command
goes through without any problem. After the first step I get into the
collect folder. my collection name is 'isis'. I'm using the 'cds'
sample database. I believe same database has been used to build a cds/isis
collection available at After
I copy cds.mst and cds.fdt into import folder and execute the command perl
-S isis, following messages are displayed:

RecPlug: getting directory c:program filesgsdlcollectisisimport
RecPlug: CDS.MST
ISISPlug: Error: CDS.MST contains no text
RecPlug - CDS.FDT

import Complete

* 1 document was considered for processing
* 0 were processed and included in the collection
* 1 was rejected
  See fail.log....

Isisgdl pop-up window comes up with the message:

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shutdowm

OK, you're doing everything right. The problem is that the IsisGdl program we use expects the filename extensions to be lowercase (!). So, try renaming the files to CDS.mst and CDS.fdt, and see if you have more success.

I was hoping not to have to change the IsisGdl program, but this definitely needs fixing for the next release.

All the best,