[greenstone-users] Converting METS to Greenstone Data Files

From Bob Dunn
DateWed, 04 Feb 2004 10:49:58 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Converting METS to Greenstone Data Files

We are considering implementing Greenstone for use throughout the library's
preservation department. In order to facilitate the large-scale scanning
of documents, many people will need to be able to access and change
metadata for any given collection. Rather than using the Librarian
Interface, we have considered building a web front-end that would take any
amount of data and generate configuration files automatically.

While we could build the configuration directly as GSDL objects, we want to
consider the possibility of creating METS objects first, then converting
that METS object into a GSDL compatible format.
Has anyone found or created a transformation schema that does this
conversion automatically?
Does anyone have any additional insight we have missed?
Also, does anybody know when the version 3.0 will be out that supports
METS natively?

Thank you all for your help,
Bob Dunn
Intern, Penn State Libraries