[greenstone-devel] two questions: ImagePlug status and, producing hierarchical collection structure

From Michael Pelikan
DateMon, 16 Feb 2004 17:03:34 -0500
Subject [greenstone-devel] two questions: ImagePlug status and, producing hierarchical collection structure
Hi all -

The present documentation (we've got March 2003) says that the ImagePlug
plugin only functions under UNIX.

Can someone confirm this, and, if so, please give a newbie a clue as to how
to import page images in screen-resolution tiffs along with accompanying
page-length text files and have the two associated with one another. I've
seen how this works with pdfs that have embedded OCR text, but want to know
what I need to do to work from tiffs.

In other words, I'd like to import page images and their associated text
files, AND (and this is really perhaps a second question), have all of
these organized after the build hierarchically as pages within chapters
within works within a collection. I've read the documentation, and I've
tried a number of builds. So far, I've built several collections containing
combined masses of material from multiple works. There's something I'm
hoping is patently obvious to one of you that I'm missing so far.

For example, I've pre-arranged source docs in a hierarchical arrangement of
folders and have fed the parent of those to the build process in hopes that
it would recognize and respect the organization of works in folders within
the parent folder. Greenstone ingested the parent folder's contents, but
produced a single-level collection with everything massed together.

I'm obviously still missing the critical AhHah!

Any suggestions will be gratefully read and incorporated into our efforts...

Many thanks,

Michael Pelikan

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