[greenstone-users] questions about a configuration: collection of art periodical images

From Federica Zanardini
DateMon, 16 Feb 2004 17:23:13 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] questions about a configuration: collection of art periodical images
I have installed successfully Greenstone on Debian, and now I am trying to
configure the library, but I need of some suggestions.
Mine is a collection of art periodicals (about 200 titles ) to everyone of
which corresponds from 1 to n years
(and 1 to n issues for every year). For each issue we have scanned every
pages (one image file for each page).

I'd like create the following lists to browse, access and display the serials:

1. List of titles
2. (after the selection of a title) date list of years for this serial
3. (after the selection of the title and year) date list of Issues
4. (after the selection of the Issue) display of the page-images using a
(like this:

Sorry, I'm newbie and I have many boring questions: I have not found
between the examples a similar one to what I want to obtain.

1. which it is the better method in order to organize the files and in
order to associate them the metadata ?
I have thought in directories organized to tree (collection --> periodical
--> Year --> issue --> images of pages) and in each level (directory) I
store a metadata.xml file. But it seems to me that nearly no digital
library present in the Greenstone website as example has the metadata in a
separate file. It is perhaps better to create HTML pages in order to
contain only the metadata?

2. I have not still well understood like constructing the indexes and as to
show them:
for example to build the title list (first level of browsing), it is better
to use a hierarchy classifier instead the AZlist? In fact my list of
serials titles is fixed an I can create a list of them (like a subject list).

Someone can give me a suggestion or indicate an example to take a look?
Many thanks in advance.